Access: 001 : Unrecognized Database Format

Access: 001 : Unrecognized Database Format

Error Message:

ErrorCode: 61443


Failed to connect to database 'MainDB.gxdb'. (ErrNo:-2147467259

Details:Unrecognized database format '\\machinename\sohodoxdatabases\MainDB.gxdb'.)


 This error usually appears when there are connectivity issues with the MS Access based SOHODOX Database.


To solve this follow the steps below...
  • Download the Repair Tool from the below link...          
  • Copy and Save this tool on the machine where SOHODOX is installed in Server mode.
  • Make a copy of the existing MainDB.gxdb file from the Sohodox Databases folder.
  • Now, run the Repair Tool. Once the dialog opens up, specify the location of the MainDB.gxdb file. By default the Sohodox Databases folder is installed in your Windows C drive.
  • Once, the whole path is selected (for e.g. ' C:\Sohodox Databases\MainDB.gxdb '); click on the ' Compact & Repair ' button.
  • You should be now able to access SOHODOX.