Access: 002 : The search key was not found in any record

Access: 002 : The search key was not found in any record


By default, Sohodox uses a MS Access based DB to store data and documents. If there are any connectivity issues when using the DB over the network/Wi-Fi, the DB may get damaged (as the DB connection is lost abruptly while modifications are being done to it).

When MS Access runs into such issues, it cannot recover automatically the next time you start SOHODOX and hence the error.


MS Access (which is shipped with Microsoft Office) itself has a Compact and Repair component to fix such recovery problems. Not everyone has MS Access installed on their machine to use the Compact and Repair feature, hence we developed a utility which would resolve the issue. We have implemented a DB repair utility which will fix the damaged Access based MainDB at your end.

 Please download the utility from the link below....

1. Save this exe file on the machine on which SOHODOX is installed in the server mode.
2. Make a copy of the existing 'MainDB.gxdb' file which is usually located in the 'C:\Sohodox Databases' folder.
3. Double click the repairdb.exe file.
4. The 'ITAZ DB repair utility' will be launched.
5. Specify the location of the MainDB.gxdb file. (This is usually 'C:\Sohodox Databases\MainDB.gxdb')
6. Click the button 'Compact and Repair'.
7. You will receive a confirmation message 'DB repaired successfully'.

Now restart SOHODOX you should be able to login.


It is recommended that you upgrade the SOHODOX Database which is currently MS Access based to MS SQL Server Express to avoid such issues in future.

If the above information does not help you resolve the problem, you can zip and send the MainDB.gxdb to us. We will then fix and send the same back to you within 24 hours (except on holidays and weekends). 

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