Connection to the server failed.

Connection to the server failed.

Cause: SOHODOX cannot connect to the server installation. There could be many reasons for this, you can follow the below steps to fix this issue.

Step 1:

If your Operating System language is not English... 
  1. Go to C:\ProgramData\ITAZ\Sohodox\Web Server folder.
  2. Select and Open the webserver.config file with Notepad.
  3. Delete the values included between <LastModifiedOn>------</LastModifiedOn> tag.
  4. Save this file. Now, start SOHODOX.

If the Operation System language is in English or if this does not solve the issue then move to Step 2

Step 2: Make sure you have entered the right connection credentails.

  1. Launch SOHODOX Login Manager.
  2. Once the SOHODOX Login Manager dialog appears, Enter http://server-machine-name:7733 in the URL field located besides the Test Connection button.
    where server-machine-name – Name of the machine where SOHODOX is installed in Server mode
  3. Click on Test Connection button to verify if the provided Server URL is correct. Click on OK, if the Connection is tested successfully. 

Step 3: Restart the ITAZ SOHODOX Server and SQL Server Service

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services panel in Windows.
  2. Search and restart 'ITAZ Sohodox Server' service and / or 'SQL Server' service from the Services panel.
  3. Restart Sohodox.

You should now be able to login to SOHODOX.

Step 4: Check if SOHODOX is able to connect to the SQL Server DB

  1. Open the browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Or Internet Explorer)
  2. Enter the following in the browser...

  3. If the connection is successful, you should notice a page with XML values.
  4. If not, you should see a error message. Please send us the error message.