When and how will my Maintenance Subscription get activated?

When and how will my Maintenance Subscription get activated?

When you purchase a Maintenance Subscription, you will receive a registration key by email within 24 hours of placing your order (except for weekends and holidays). Apply this registration key to your installation of SOHODOX. This will activate your Maintenance Subscription with effect from the date you purchased the subscription.
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    • What is a SOHODOX Maintenance Subscription?

      When you order SOHODOX, you will receive 1 year of free email support as well as 1 year of free upgrades to any new versions released. If you wish to receive support and upgrades after the free 1 year period, you must ...
    • Check the Expiry date of my Maintenance Subscription

      The maintenance and subscription date indicates the date till when you can receive support from us as well as till when you can upgrade to the latest version of SOHODOX. If you are not covered under the maintenance subscription period then you will ...
    • For how long is a Maintenance Subscription valid?

      A Maintenance Subscription is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase of the product, or 1 year from the date of purchasing the Maintenance Subscription. This period of 1 year is known as the Active Subscription period.
    • What if I do not purchase a Maintenance Subscription?

      When you purchase SOHODOX you get free access to all major and minor upgrades and free email support – both for 1 year from the date of purchase. To continue receiving and support and upgrades beyond this period, you must purchase Maintenance ...
    • Should I purchase (or renew) my Maintenance Subscription before the end of the 1-year subscription period?

      Every Maintenance Subscription is valid for 1 year. In order to purchase SOHODOX Maintenance Subscriptions at the best price, you must always purchase them before your current Maintenance Subscriptions expire (the new Maintenance Subscriptions will ...