Backup using the new SOHODOX Database backup utility

            Please note this utility will backup only the database and not the documents.

            Please download the SOHODOX DB backup utility from the link below…



            1. Make sure no one is using SOHODOX on the Server as well as the Client machines.
            2. Extract the contents from the zip file to any new folder.
            3. Double click the ‘sohodox-database-backup.exe’ file.
            4. The Sohodox – Database Backup Utility will be launched.
            5. Click the Backup button to take the backup of the DB.

            6. The backup of the DB will now be created on the desktop.

            That's it!

            Note: As mentioned, this utility will only backup your database and not your documents. You will need to separately take a backup of the file store folder (the folder in which documents added to SOHODOX is stored). To know the location of your file store folder, go to Settings >> DB Settings >> File Stores. A list of file stores will be displayed. The Folder path column will list the location of the file store. You ill have to manually backup this folder in Windows.

            In case you face any problem using the Backup utility or have any queries, then please contact

            To know how to Backup the DB using SQL Server Management Studio, click here. (Make sure you take a backup of the MainDB_sdx and MainDB_sdx_cache)
            Updated: 26 Mar 2018 05:10 PM
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