Different ways to use Global Capture folder

            Capture Folders are of 2 types. 
            • Global Capture Folder
            • Local Capture folder.
            To know the difference, click here.

            Global Capture folder provides a quick and easy way to add documents to SOHODOX while also categorizing/indexing them.  

            Global Capture Folders are folders which SOHODOX monitors for new files. Each capture folder is linked to a Destination Profile in SOHODOX. Whenever SOHODOX finds a new file in a capture folder it is monitoring, it adds that file to the SOHODOX DB specified in the Destination Profile along with any indexing information specified in the Destination Profile.

            By default SOHODOX ships with one Global Capture Folder called MainDB which is set as default.

            The default location for each Global Capture folder created is "C:\ProgramData\ITAZ\Sohodox\Global Capture folder"

            SOHODOX Drive.

            SOHODOX Drive appears like any other drive under My Computer in Windows Explorer. SOHODOX Drive also lets you add documents to SOHODOX via drag and drop in Windows Explorer.  To add a document to the Global capture folder via SOHODOX Drive...
            • Open My Computer (or This PC). A list of drives will be listed.
            • Double-click on the SOHODOX drive.
            • You will see 2 nodes named MainDB and Global Capture Folder.
            • Double-click Global Capture folder.
            • A list a Global Capture folders will be displayed.
            • Open the Global Capture folder to which you want to add documents.
            • Drag and drop documents to this folder.
            • The documents will automatically be added to SOHODOX.

            Send To...

            The Send To feature in SOHODOX allows you to quickly select one or more documents in Windows Explorer or your Windows Desktop and add them to SOHODOX. The Send To feature in Sohodox integrates with the Send To right-click menu option in Windows Explorer by adding Sohodox and Sohodox… as options to it. 

            To use this feature… 
            • Select one or more files in Windows Explorer.
            • Right-click and then select the Send To > Sohodox menu option.The selected documents will be added to the default Sohodox Capture Folder.
            • If no capture folder has been set as default then SOHODOX will display a list of all your Local and Global Capture Folders. In the above step, if you chose the Send To > Sohodox... option instead of the Send To > Sohodox option, then SOHODOX will display a list of all your Local and Global Capture Folders. 
            • Simply select the capture folder you want and the document will be added to SOHODOX as per the Destination Profile linked to the selected Capture Folder.

            Automating the process...

            You can automate the manual process of adding documents via SOHODOX drive and Send To... using Powershell.

            Please download the Powershell script from the link below...

            Please open the ps1 file with Notepad/Notepad++. 

            You will need to edit the following Parameters...


            Save the ps1 file.

            Make sure you your files are stored in the Source Folder before running the Powershell script.

            Instructions to run the ps1 file...
            • Press Windows key + S. Type Powershell in the search dialog.
            • Right-click Windows Powershell (x86)  and click 'Run as Administrator'.
            • The Powershell Window will be launched.
            • Type the below command...

              Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force

            • Type & and specify the location of the ps1 file. For e.g if the ps1 file is stored in the 'C:\Andy\Scripts' folder, then the command would be...

              & "C:\Andy\Scripts\CopyToCaptureFolder.ps1"

            • Press Enter.
            That's it!

            Updated: 24 Apr 2017 09:48 PM
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