For Users Upgrading to SOHODOX version 10 from Version 9 or above

            This instructions are only for upgrading your existing installation of SOHODOX. Please read this article and make sure you have all the files that are necessary for the upgrade.

            Before you proceed make sure...

            Instructions to upgrade your existing SOHODOX installation to version 10
            1. Make sure no one is using SOHODOX on any machines when installing the update.
            2. First upgrade the SOHODOX Server installation and then the client installation.
            3. Double click the update setup to run it.
            4. Now follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade to version 10.
            5. Once the setup finishes, start SOHODOX.
            6. When prompted provide the path to the new registration key. Please note that this key will have .sxlc2 extension.
            7. Login as the superadmin user.

            Once you have upgraded the server machine successfully, you can proceed with the upgrade on the Client machines by following the above steps.

            Note: We also do provide remote assistance at a minimal cost for the upgrade process. Please contact to know more.

            Updated: 21 Feb 2017 06:44 PM
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