Migrating SOHODOX v10 to a new machine

            Note: The instructions in this article will only work for...
            • users who only want to move the SOHODOX  to another machine.
            • users using the latest version (v10) of SOHODOX.
            • SOHODOX is configured with the DB Engine utility (a utility which converts your Access DB to SQL Server 2014 Express based DB). 
            • SOHODOX is using a SQL Server instance name SDXSQLEXPRESS
            If you are using your own version or own instance of SQL Server Express edition, please write to support@sohodox.com

            Backup the existing DB...
            • Take a backup of the existing DB using the SOHODOX Backup utility
            • Transfer the zip file (usually on the Desktop) created by this utility on the new machine.
            • On the new machine, extract the 'MainDB_sdx(DateTime).bak' and 'MainDB_sdx_cache(DateTime).bak'  from the zip file to the C:\Temp folder. (Please create the folder if it does not exist)
            • Rename MainDB_sdx(DateTime).bak  to  MainDB_sdx.bak
            • Rename MainDB_sdx_cache(DateTime).bak  to MainDB_sdx_cache.bak

            Backup the File Store...

            Note: If your File store is on a Shared drive or on a NAS, and you do not want to move the File store then you can skip this step.

            All documents added to SOHODOX are added to a Windows folder known as the SOHODOX File Store.  The File Store is the 'C:\Sohodox databases\MainDB\Default File Store' folder. 

            To know the location of the File Store for your SOHODOX installation....
            • Start SOHODOX.
            • Click on Settings. 
            • Click on the 'File Stores' node in the left pane. A list of File stores will be displayed on the right.
            • The 'Folder Path' column will display the location of the File Store.
            We would recommend you to manually zip and make a copy of the 'C:\Sohodox databases'  folder. Please copy the zip file from the old machine to the new machine. 

            Install the DB Engine utility...
            • On the new machine, download the SOHODOX DB Engine utility
            • Run the utility. 
            • Once the 'SOHODOX DB Engine Installer (SQLE) v3.0.0.10' dialog is launched, hit the Ctrl key. 
            • Select the option 'Only Install DB Engine'. 
            • Enter the email ID and click on Start.
            • Wait for the installation to be completed.

            Restore DB to SQL...
            • Open the Command Prompt as Administrator.
            • Copy and Paste the command below...

              sqlcmd -E -S .\SDXSQLEXPRESS –Q "RESTORE DATABASE [MainDB_sdx] FROM DISK='C:\Temp\MainDB_sdx.bak' with REPLACE"

            • You should receive a message 'Restore Database successfully processed'.
            • Copy and Paste the command below...

              sqlcmd -E -S .\SDXSQLEXPRESS -Q "RESTORE DATABASE [MainDB_sdx_cache] FROM DISK='C:\Temp\MainDB_sdx_cache.bak' with REPLACE"

            • You should receive a message 'Restore Database successfully processed'.

            Install SOHODOX
            • Install SOHODOX on the new machine. 
            • Instructions to installation SOHODOX is available here.
            • Start SOHODOX once and close it.

            Reconfigure SOHODOX 
            • Go to the machine on which SOHODOX is installed in server mode.
            • Press the Windows + R button. The Run dialog will be launched.
            • In the Open: textbox, type the following command…

              "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sohodox Desktop\Sohodox.exe" /reconfiguremssqlmaindb /dbname=MainDB_sdx
              (We are assuming SOHODOX is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sohodox Desktop if it is installed in another location then please modify the command by entering the correct location)

            • Now a dialog will launch. It will ask you to enter the credentials to login to MS SQL Server. 
                              Machine Name: Enter the  new machine name on which MS SQL Express is installed

                              For the Connection details...
                              (Please refer to a email sent to you earlier with the Subject 'SOHODOX DB Engine Connection Details'.). 
                              If you do not have the email, please contact us.
            • Click the Test connection button to make sure the connection is successful.
            • Start SOHODOX.

            Stop SQL Server Service on the old machine

            We would recommend you to turn off the old machine on which SOHODOX is installed.

            Note: You can uninstall SOHODOX and SQL Server from the old machine after confirm SOHODOX is working fine for a few days without any problems. 

            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 03:02 PM
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