Mirror your SOHODOX File Store to a folder on your NAS drive and keep them in sync.

            The purpose of this article is to help you mirror your SOHODOX File Store to a folder on your NAS drive. (Please note this will just help you create an exact mirror of the File Store folder and is different from a backup. This is becauseo if a file is deleted in SOHODOX (i.e from the SOHODOX File Store), then the copy of that file will be deleted from the mirrored folder as well). 

            All documents added to SOHODOX are added to a Windows folder known as the SOHODOX File Store.  The File Store is the 'C:\Sohodox databases\MainDB\Default File Store' folder. 

            To know the location of the File Store for your SOHODOX installation....
            • Start SOHODOX.
            • Click on Settings. 
            • Click on the 'File Stores' node in the left pane. A list of File stores will be displayed on the right.
            • The 'Folder Path' column will display the location of the File Store.
            Note: As a precaution we would recommend you to manually zip and make a copy of this folder, before proceeding with the steps below.

            Install FreeFileSync

            Please download the software FreeFileSync from the link below...

            Please download and install the software. (During the installation, the setup may prompt you to install Opera browser or other software. You may choose 'No,Thanks'  for that)

            • Launch FreeFileSync.
            • Click the File>>New option.
            • You will notice 2 sections on the right of the 'Configuration' section.
            • In the left Drag and Drop section, you will need to specify the 'Source' folder. Browse to the SOHODOX file store folder. 
            • In the right Drag and Drop section, you will need to specify the 'Target 'Folder. Browse to a folder on the NAS.
            • Click the 'Synchronization Settings' button. (the green gear icon). You can also launch this dialog using the keyboard shortcut key F8.
            • Select the variant as 'Mirror'. In the bottom right, choose the operation to be performed on Completion.
            • Click OK.
            • Click the File>>Save as Batch Job option. The Save As Batch job dialog will appear.
            • Specify a location to save the log file. Click the 'Save As...' button.  Provide a name for the batch file. The batch file will have a 'ffs_batch' extension.
            • Click the Synchronize button on the top right.
            • The files will be synchronized from the Source folder to the target folder.

            Scheduling the mirroring.

            So that these folders remain in sync, you can schedule to run the above sync on a periodic basis via the Windows Task Scheduler.

            To do this...
            • Press the Windows + R key.
            • The Run dialog will be launched.
            • In the Open textbox, type taskschd.msc
            • Click OK.
            • The 'Task Scheduler' dialog will be launched.
            • In the Actions pane, click on 'Create Basic Task...'.
            • Provide a name for the Task. Click Next.
            • Select a Trigger for the task. Click Next to select the schedule for the trigger. Click Next.
            • Select the option 'Start a program'. Click Next.
            • Specify the location of the 'FreeFileSync.exe' in the Program/script section. (This is usually "C:\Program Files\FreeFileSync\FreeFileSync.exe".
            • In the Add arguments textbox, specify the location of the ffs_batch file. (Make sure you specify the path within double quotes. For e.g "C:\My Documents\FS Mirror.ffs_batch")
            • Click Next. 
            • Click Finish.
            If you have any queries, please feel free to write to support@sohodox.com

            Updated: 05 Apr 2017 12:30 AM
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